Our Core Values

Everyone at HSC is expected to act with PRIDE in everything that they do


– Do our best all the time


Listen, understand and value everyone


Be open, honest, straightforward and reliable


Relate to everyone as an individual


Strive to provide the highest quality support

let's Stand Together

What Drives Us

For Holistic Social Care family and community is what drives us. In every decision that is made for our service users our first thought is always would I want this for my mother or father, sister or grandmother? We treat every service user as if they were our own family and that care and support is felt by each of them contributing to the success of our business. Each member of the family and this business is dedicated to our current success and future growth. 

Our ability thus far to diversify the services we offer at an excellent quality demonstrates that we are able to sustain long term successful performances. With the help of a dedicated and forward-thinking team, Holistic Social Care has a bright future ahead of us. With the demand for social care increasing year on year and the increasing pressure on local authorities to provide an excellent level of care, we are looking forward to continuing to work alongside others to provide an effective service for the most vulnerable in our communities driving up standards and keeping our clients and their families satisfied.